Gilded Sican funerary mask


A life-size Sican funerary gold gilded mask. Mask has belonged ones to a high priest or deceased ruler from the Sican / Lambayeque culture in Norther Peru. Sican masks meant to protect the deceased in the afterlife and was put into the grave on top or around the upper-part of the body.

Size: 26,5 x 17,5 cm

Period: c. 1000 - 1200 AD

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  • This mask has characteristic almond-shaped eyes and upturned applied with rounded pupils, pointed nose with places on top of the mask, narrow straight mouth, all executed by repousse technique. 

    The ovoid eyes terminating in a point are characteristically Lambayeque in style, and may represent a being known as the Sicán Deity. According to Izumi Shimada and colleagues, an individual interred with such a mask would have been thought to take on aspects of the Sicán Deity’s power, and would have been transformed into venerated ancestors upon death. Clearly visible and so typical for the Sican masks, are the hanging nose ornament with hanging dangles and with round dangles hanging on the ears.

    Provenance: South American Collection Razetto, 1950 - 1960's