Funerary cone for Mry


Terracotta funerary cone for Mry.

The flat side shows 5 rows of hieroglyphs.

Mry seems to have been the most important high priest of Amun, under Memenophis II.

He may also heve been a foster brother of the king.

Size: 10 x 11 cm

Material: Terracotta

Period: New Kingdom

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  • The inscription has the name and titles of the tomb owner.

    Overseer of the priests of Upper and Lower Egypt, high priest of Amun, overseer of the fields of Amun, steward of Amun, overseer of the granaries (of Amun), overseer of the treasury.

    Cones made in clay. They were placed over the entrance of the tomb chapels. The earliest examples date to the Eleventh Dynasty, but are uninscribed. Some of them are 53 cm long; they decrease in size in the New Kingdom (about 1550-1069 BC). The examples of the New Kingdom are inscribed with title and name of the tomb owner, sometimes with short prayers to gods. Originally they were painted. Function and meaning are unclear. Of about 400 recorded sets of cones, for only about 80 are tombs known: this may indicate how many tombs are still missing or have been totally destroyed. Funerary cones are almost exclusively restricted to the Theban area.