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  • Tairona

    Tairona  200 B.C. - 1650 AD

    The Tairona civilization is most renowned for its distinctive goldwork. The earliest known Tairona goldwork has been described for the Nequanje Period (from about 300 to 800 CE). Its use in the Tairona society appears to have extended beyond the elite, although little proof of this exists. The gold artifacts consist of pendants, lip-plugs, nose ornaments, necklaces, and earrings. Gold cast Tairona figure pendants (known as "caciques") in particular stand out among the goldworks of pre-Columbian America because of their richness in detail. The figurines depict human subjects - thought be noblemen or chiefs - in ornate dresses and with a large animal mask over the face. 

  • Quimbaya

    Quimbaya 1100 - 1400 AD

    The Quimbaya was a social Indian culture that lived in Colombia. The Quimbaya were famous by their pieces of gold that were found in all the territory near at the pacific ocean.

  • Narino

    Narino 800 - 1500 AD

    Nariño culture refers to the culture of people who once lived in communities in the mountains of Nariño, Colombia..

  • Tolima

    Tolima 100 - 500 AD

    The Tolima culture is an archaeological culture of pre-Columbian times , which spread between 200 and 1000 AD. J -C . in the middle reaches of the River Magdalena, in the current department of Tolima , on the slopes of the Cordillera Central . This region then brought together a wide variety of ethnic groups which is the best known and Pijaos Panches ( es ) that are distinguished themselves by their fierce resistance against the Spanish conquistadors .

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